Congratulations you’re pregnant!

Pregnant Couple

Would you like to:

  • Discover the secrets to creating a more beautiful, safe and unifying birth experience with She Births® – the worlds most comprehensive prenatal birth education course
  • Learn how the continuous support of a Doula can give you the confidence and support to make the best choices for your birth, and can  support you and your partner  to create the experience you desire as you birth your Baby
  • Have a Birth Consultation to put into context everything you’ve learned as you and your partner prepare to create a beautiful birth experience together
  • Gain exclusive access to our private video channel with inspiring birth stores and demonstrations of the tools and techniques we teach
  • Talk to Penny, a qualified birth educator and Doula, about your specific needs to ensure you have exactly the Customised Care you require as you anticipate the birth of your Baby

How exciting you have a Baby!

Baby Massage Doula

Would you like to:

  • Relax and bond with you Baby as you learn how to create lasting benefits for Baby and yourself through the ancient tradition of Baby  Massage
  • Join a Soul Mamas Circle to experience a space in which mothers hear and nurture each other without judgement or competition, a space where you can talk about the experience of becoming a Mother with the all the joys and challenges and changes that brings
  • Learn how a post-natal Doula can support you and your family as you expand to include a new Baby in your lives
  • Talk to Penny, a qualified infant massage instructor and Doula,  about your specific needs to ensure you have exactly the Customised Care you  require during this precious and intense time with your Baby

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If you’re pregnant or already have a beautiful Baby I’d love to talk to you about the ways I may be able to support your family.